We can supply coco peat, coco fibres and coco chips in the form of compressed 5kg or 25kg blocks consisting of 100% coco peat, fibres or chips. Washed, buffered or unwashed. Even if you want a mixture made to order, you can choose to receive it in the form of a compressed block. All you have to do is wet the blocks, at which point they will swell up.

Coco pith is a growing medium which is in use since many years. The popularity is due to the remarkable

Good Characteristics:

Coco pith has naturally a high air-porosity
Coco pith absorbs water easily
Coco pith is a stable material
Coco pith is a 100% organic material
Coco pith is easy in handling
Coco pith can be transported in compressed form in different shapes
Coco pith is a growing medium with proven experience

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: COCO PITH
Palletized, stretch, wrapped and strapped or as per buyer’s requirement
Delivery Detail: within 15days of price confirmation
Coco peat is 100% natural & It has no harmful environmental impact
A natural soil which promotes vegetative growth.

Product Description for Low Ec Coco Peat

we are one of the coco peat Manufacture, supplier as well as exporter, we can supply to you with competitive price and long term business basis.
Coco grow bag:-

Coco Peat is a compressed strip or in board form packed in plastic bag with both end heat sealed.


Find below our specification for your refer.
Specification OF LOW EC COIR PITH
Coco Peat : Usage for Plant Growth
Weight : 5Kg
Moisture : 10-15% Maximum
Compression Ratio : Over 75 Liters / Block
Electrical Conductivity : LOW EC  0.5-0.8
Fiber : Less than 2cm
Material:-70%coco pith plus 30%short fibre.
Packaging : Palletized, stretch, wrapped and strapped